Ignite Your Future

Unleash Unstoppable Confidence


Vision I'mPossible Program

Ignite Your Future

Unleash Unstoppable Confidence


Vision Mastery Immersion

Includes access to Meshell's 10th Annual Virtual Vision Board Party - Jan 13th!!




Embark on a transformative journey with Meshell Baker, Chief Confidence Igniter, Confident Living Catalyst and Vision Mastery Strategist, to co-create and carve out your clearly defined purpose.

The first step toward an amazing life is clarity of purpose, and the Vision I'mPossible Program is your direct route to experiencing a life the will consistently exceed your wildest dreams!

Why Vision I'mPossible Program?

Step into a realm of extraordinary achievement by sculpting a clear and compelling vision with deep purpose. Meshell Baker will be your guiding light, inspiring you to awaken your inner creative force, bravely explore uncharted territories, and seize the prosperous future that rightfully belongs to you.

Unlock Your Purpose

Unlock Your success with a purpose-driven vision by embracing your inner voice, define your legacy, declare your vision, and design your passionate path.

Define Your Unique Path

Ready to tread the road less traveled? Vision I'mPossible Program™ is your gateway to carving a unique and fulfilling path with confidence & courage.

Claim your creative genius

Shed hesitation, doubt, and naysayers' voices. Claim your creative genius, establish resilience, and craft a vision that rules your world!

"Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create."



Unleash Your Possibilities with

Vision I'mPossible Program

Dream of the endless potential! Whether it's embarking on a new business, pursuing your deepest passions, or evolving into the person you've always aspired to be, Meshell is your steadfast ally. Discover the Vision I'mPossible Program – your pivotal tool for transformative growth and achievement.

BEcome your favorite person!

What To Expect

Proactive Destiny Setting

Declare your personal and professional destiny, setting ground rules for who you will become first, then how you behave. This foundation empowers your certainty in the unknown and security in the uncomfortable.

Clarity, Courage, Confidence

Gain the clarity, courage, and confidence that empower intentional and strategic day-to-day activities for better and more profitable results.

Are you ready to step into the uncomfortable zone and claim your creative genius?

It's time to untie your hands and craft your grandest vision for an incredible futures that delivers your dreams and desires.

Imagine feeling strong and unstoppable in the face of fear... feeling that no matter what everything is happening to forge your unstoppable faith.

Can you imagine doing the things you've been telling yourself you want to do... and knowing how to be courageous vs being overwhelmed and doubtful?

Are you ready to become your #1 Fan and Cheerleader?

Say YES to this amazing experience with Meshell as your Guide!

  • Helpful Exercises: Engage your creative and collaborative talents.

  • Hands-On Support: Receive guidance from a fantastic facilitator.

  • Humor and Honesty: Experience an enthusiastic and enjoyable environment.

  • Focused Attention: We zero in on your most pressing priorities.

  • Hybrid Coaching/Consulting: A unique approach that adapts to your unique needs.

  • Creative Exploration: A safe space to explore even the most innovative ideas.

  • Direct Communication: Honest and insightful feedback.

  • Access to Expertise: All my resources and knowledge at your disposal.

  • Powerful Strategies: Propel yourself forward, setting the stage for undeniable success.

  • All Supplies Provided!


Start Your Vision I'mPossible Program NOW

Tailored to Your Unique Needs

What's Included

The Vision Mastery Immersion is designed to be flexible and tailored specifically to your needs. It's all about what benefits you the most, ensuring that your journey is as individual as you are.

8 Hours Immersion = Includes Vision Legacy planning and Follow Through calls

Vision Clarity – declare your personal and professional purpose!

Daily Confidence Kit - displays a visual motivator of desires. (mailed to you)

Accountability Audit – Clarify and Curate your circle of influence and innovation.

Confidence Cards designed with powerful 'I AM' prompts to empowering your self-care, self-worth and awesomeness routine.

A 30-day Online Confident Mindset Building program.

Unlimited email, WhatsApp, and text access to Meshell.

Values Assessment & Review – decide, define, and declare your Why, What and Who you become.

Deliberate Daily Actions Tool – establish non-negotiable high performance habits!

With these step-by-step guidelines, you'll uncover the hidden wells of self-assurance within you, allowing you to shine brightly in every aspect of your life.

🌟 Meshell facilitates a process that leads you to become clear and concise, mastering the art of being uncomfortable. The benefits include unwavering values, unstoppable focus, and uncompromising delivery of extraordinary personal and professional experiences. 🌟

BEcome more in 2024!

Ideal Candidates for Vision I'mPossible Program

Meshell's most successful clients include individuals committed to honest self-discovery and dedicated to defining their unique and purposeful paths.

  • 100% honest with who they are and where they want to go.

  • Enthusiastic about reimagining their success and future.

  • Excited to work hard to define their unique and purposeful path.

  • Determined to invest time, execute in excellence, and give their absolute best.

Igniting Confidence

Meet Our Expert

Meshell Baker

Chief Confidence Igniter

Meshell R Baker, is a captivating, highly engaging Keynote Speaker, Sales and Confidence Coach, and Success Strategist.

Meshell leverages her 25+ years of sales experience, working with conscious non-traditional businesses, sales leaders, and individuals to boldly and confidently inspire emotional connections to the solutions they offer.

Who Meshell Works With


What Clients Say About Meshell

"I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Meshell Baker. Meshell has done a fantastic job providing individual coaching to our outside Sales Director, Jaclyn Norono-Rodriquez.

Her motivation and training enabled Jaclyn to growth both personally and professionally and deliver sales results to support our non-profit mission at Boone Center, Inc (BCI)."


Troy Compardo

CEO at Boone Center Inc / BCI Packaging

"Meshell spoke life into my existence as I am transcending into my new Tech Sales career. When I felt defeated she told me the most important phase I needed to hear,” No one can dictate your AWESOME!!” She is a igniter, constant unconditional support which is why I have hired her to become my career and life coach. 

Meshell teaches you that you are interviewing the companies that you engaging to become a part of their team. When Meshell articulates the true meaning of value and leaving people better than she meets them. I am looking forward to excelling under her guidance!"


Erika Banks

Director of Business Development and Sales

"Meshell is an amazing woman. She is full of inspiration and energy. I went through a training with Meshell over two years ago and the fundamentals I learned through her coaching, encouraged and inspired me to be a much happier and confident person. I knew the first conversation I had with Meshell that I wanted to be like her.

Meshell will teach your team the fundamentals of resetting your mind to be a confident person. Once you have the fundamentals the rest will follow. I am a stronger, confident sales professional because of her. I would recommend Meshell to any individual or team. She is absolutely remarkable and will amaze you!"


Kimberly Lynn Fitzgerald

Director of Business Development and Sales

Ready to align your beliefs and behaviors for a better and beautiful future?

Then it's time...

Time to Invest in You!

Claim your Unstoppable Confidence transformation today.

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